Michaela Thomsen beauty

Thomsen is a line of organic cosmetics made in France. We offer products with sweet and fresh scents, composed of 100% natural and non-toxic organic ingredients. To achieve their development we have completely redesigned the fundamentals of the conventional cosmetics industry :

First of all, Thomsen respects the Cosmos / Ecocert charter, the most demanding certification, a guarantee of safety for our consumers. We have banned all ingredients from chemistry and petrochemistry, and all potentially polluting or dangerous ingredients, as well as animal testing.

We partnered with a laboratory, specialised in organic cosmetics, and we worked for over a year on the research and development of these products. After dozens of tests, disappointments but also success, the specifications were filled; 100% natural, non-toxic organic ingredients, delicate scents and especially effective active ingredients.

The results of our tests confirm it, our products compete today with the best of the market.

We also made a strong choice ; We only use natural preservatives to preserve our products. That's why our products have an expiration date of six months after opening. This decision guarantees the excellent quality of our products.

Thomsen supports women in all their essential needs: we have created a simple and readable line that offers "a product for every need" to minimise over-consumption. It is based on a simple ritual : Clean, moisturize, sublimate.

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This is the first thing we do in the morning or the last before bedtime : the shower. It is during this time of care that women and their skin must "manage" contact with about 300 chemicals *, present in shampoo, care, creams or makeup. And unfortunately we do not stay at this dose of daily chemistry. Elements of our environment, for example, pollution or cleaning products have a considerable impact on our skin.

The skin is the largest organ and indispensable to our survival. Its main mission is to protect us against external aggressions, pressure, shocks, bacteria, friction and injuries. We must take care of it. When it comes to problems such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis, we head to a dermatologist, for everything else, we entrust our skin to the cosmetic industry.

We heard in the mess of endocrine disruptors, parabens, palm oil etc ... And we did not really know what to remember. The creams I bought and sold to me for doing good, were they finally harmful?

So I turned to the market for organic creams, I studied the current offer and I discovered unattractive products, confusing packaging, complex smells and unpleasant textures. The choice was often limited and rough, I had the feeling to buy a product that was, admittedly, "good" for me but the shopping experience was disappointing, I wasn’t completely seduced.

It is because this market opportunity, this vacuum in the offer, that I decided to launch my own line of cosmetics.

Michaëla & Emelie Thomsen